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As Anna looked out the window of her old beach house on the edge of the emerald sea, she bedpan to remember all the beautiful memories she had there throughout her many years. One memory in particular seemed to come to mind It was about 70 years ago late in the month of.August. Anna was 16 years old and that was her first summer together with Peter. Although she felt that she had been with him forever, it had only been a short month since then had tirst met on that very beach. This particular day was so memorable that Anna found herself thinking about it all the time, since Peter ha、passed away.


Early that morning at about 5:45, Anna awoke  to the sound of a tapping on her window. When she opened the window, to her surprise Peter was standing there with a
picnic basket and a blanket. Peter told Anna that since it was his last day at the beach this summer that he wanted to spend the entire day with her. from the time of the sunrise to after the sunset on the horizon. After they watched the sunrise early that   and ate their romantic picnic breakfast. they一sat on the swing at the  nearby park.They talked for hours on end, telling each other how they would keep in touch until they could be together the following summer.


It was a beautiful day and the aun beamed down on them in the early afternoon as they swam in the waves of the  crystal clear water at the beach. Anna could remember them splashing and playing in the water for what has seemed like a million years and not knowing where all the time had gone.


It was already starting to get dark on the beach. So then, Anna and Peter dried off and found a pretty spot at the top of a hill they had often gone to talk throughout the summer. They set out their blankets and laid in each other's arm until all of sudder it began to pour. Most people would have thought that the rain would put a  damper  on their prfect day, but Anna still remembers the strike of excitement it sent through her, as the drops poured down.The way Peter had taken her by the hand and led her down the side of muddy hill to the beach sent chills up her spine.They began to dance right there on the sand, in th a pouring rain. As they danced. in each other strong embrace.Anna could still remember Peter's exact words. He said to her.‘f love you Anna and f want to be with you and only you for the rest of my life’At that very moment. Anna knew that she felt exactly the same and that they would be together for the rest of their lives.


As the rain bedpan to stop and the clouds cleared from the sky, Peter and Anna sat down to watch the most beautiful sunset that either of them had ever seen. Peter walked Anna home that night and regardless of how hard it was for the both of them to say good-bye; they both knew it had to happen eventually. Throughout that year, Anna still remembers sending and receiving dozens of letters and pictures to keep in touch.


Thinking back through the 69 wonderful years that they had together, that one day is the one that stands out most in her mind Although she had many more memories that are unforgettable with Peter, she still thinks back to the way he looked that night. The way his wet dark hair fell over his sapphire blue eyes still put butterflies in Anna's stomach’!In addition, the way that his strong body made her feel so safe as they danced in the rain, like ht would never let her go.


Anna spent many days and nights for the past nine months since Peter had passed away reminiscing" about that one special day they had together, she never regretted any of the time they had spent together. She only cherished the way that sun looked as it raised and tell over the horizon. Anna continued to sit by her windowsill and dream of yesterday and she would continue to until the day she could be with her one true love, Peter again.



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