冬季保健八要素 中英双语2015-02-06 23:22:11

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冬季保健八要素 中英双语

Being sick is just awaste of time, so I’m sure that no one wants to cope with a cold or flu. Thiswinter I suggest you to stay healthy and spend your time taking care of thekids, working, or doing something important. Forget about sore throats,runny noses,and hacking coughs! Here is a list of 8 useful tips for staying healthy inwinter.


1. Get enough sleep

In winter it’sespecially important to get enough sleep. If you don’t, you will be moresusceptible to diseases. However you shouldn’t sleep too much, because you wakeup feelingsleep drugged and groggy, that’s whyeach night try to get 7-9 hours of sleep. You’ll feel thoroughly rested, yourbody has enough time to recover, and your immune system will get much stronger.



2. Get all of yourvitamins

During the winterseason it’s very important to get all of your vitamins. Of course a daily multivitaminis helpful, but try to get them straight from the source. I think you know thatVitamin C is essential, so try to eat and drink lots of citrus. You also needto get lots of vitamin D, so drink milk, eat some tuna or salmon, try to getoutside when you can, or add cod liver oil into your diet.



3. Eat more veggies

The most effective wayto stay healthy in winter is to eat well, especially vegetables. But it doesn’tmean that you should eat your vegetables every day, you need to eat at leastone serving of leafy green veggies. Kale is great, as well as collards orspinach. You can also get bold and try Swiss chard or dandelion greens.



4. Stay hydrated

It’s also vital todrink more water in winter. If you can’t drink clear water try to drink naturalfruit juices. Hot tea, especially if it’s a green or herbal tea, is alsoperfect during the winter season. If you want to be healthy you should makesure you stay hydrated!



5. Have a catnap

Sometimes we just don’thave enough time to get 7-9 hours of sleep. If you don’t get enough sleep atnight try to have a catnap throughout the day. It’s another effective way tostay healthy in winter, and it doesn’t take up a lot of your time. Even if youdon’t want to sleep, just resting for 20 minutes is very helpful. Besides youwill feel well and more active.



6. Stay active

Staying healthy inwinter also means staying active. Of course it’s difficult to get out and aboutwhen it’s snowing or cold, but it’s very useful. In winter it’s hard to getmotivated, but you just need try! Even if you work out in your living room orjust walk your dog, you are doing your body well. Don’t lead a sedentarylifestyle just because it’s cozy and warm inside.



7. Keep personalhygiene

Keeping personalhygiene is one of the most important things to stay healthy in winter. I’m notgoing to tell you to wash your hands every ten minutes, but try to do itregularly. If you want you can use a hand sanitizer, and wipe down suchcommunal objects as telephones. The surest way to get sick is to sneeze intoyour hand so don’t do this.



8. Avoid extremetemperatures

And the last useful tipfor you is to avoid extreme temperatures. Don’t turn up the heat at night orwhile you are in the shower. It is not good for you! If you keep it cooler atnight, you’ll sleep much better. Of course don’t make it too cold, because youmay catch a cold. Find a median between 22 degrees and 24 degrees.



As you can see, most ofthese tips for staying healthy during the winter season involve making sometime to take care of yourself. Remember your well-being is essential and yourhealth is important. You need to take care of yourself! What are your ways tostay healthy in winter? Share your thoughts, please!




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