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ask out 邀请某人约会  He asked her out for a movie.

be better off 比以前的情况有好转  My sister is better off now that she found new friends. The old ones were mean to her!

break up 分开,结束  They were the perfect couple, I never thought they would break up!

chat (someone) up 和某人说话,试图博得其注意  At a bar, he always tries to chat up the girls around him.

cheat on 背叛,秘密地和另一个人有恋爱关系  She never cheated on him, but he keeps lying to her.

fall for / fall in love with 迷恋,坠入爱河  He fell for her when he saw she was a soccer fan.

get along 向好的方向发展,和某人相处得很好  My boyfriend and I get along very well.

go out with 和某人有一段浪漫的关系,但不一定是认真想要交往  Every week, she goes out with a different guy!

settle down 开始安稳的生活,安定下来和唯一的一个人在一起  He is 35 and, now, he thinks it is time to find a girl to settle down.

split up 分开,结束一段关系  They were always arguing, so they decided to split up.


account for (something) 对某事给出理由、解释 The boss could not account for all the absences.

carry out 付诸行动,达成 The marketing  team carried out several tests before launching the campaign.

come up with 想到一个主意,得到一个答案  In every meeting, she always comes up with the best solutions.

deal with 处理  We have to deal with complaints from clients everyday.

go over (something) 温故,仔细检查 The accountant has to go over the books every month.

go through 探讨某事,反复检查直到找到解决方法  I have to go through the report today.

pay off 产生利润或结果,出现成功的结果  Spending to have a good team pays off.

point out 具体指出 They have to point out the benefits of the merger.

put out 制作,运行 The producer puts out new CDs every week.

take over 接管某物 Some companies specialize in taking over small ventures.

set up 开始一家新公司或企业 A group of journalists set up a new magazine.


be due in 预计于……到达 The plane is due in at 5pm.

be off 离开去某地 I’ off to Paris now.

get back to 回到,回来 Traveling is great, but we were tired when we got back to town.

get in (飞机)到达 The plane gets in at 12 pm.

pull in (火车)到达 The British trains always pull in on time.

pull out (火车)启程 When the train pulled out, we were happy to finally start our trip.

see (someone) off 告别 My parents saw me off at the airport.

set off 出发去旅行 The family set off to the beach really early.

stop over 在旅程中短暂停留,为了换成飞机或者小憩  While going to the farm, we had to stop over to eat.

take off (飞机)起飞 International flights cannot take off from local airports.


catch up 获知最新消息 She called her friend to catch up on the gossip.

get into 进入(一辆车),参与(一个对话) I don’t like to get into fights.

hold on 等一下 Hold on, they have to pick up the books first.

run out of 用完,用尽 When the car ran out of gas, he was in the middle of nowhere.

bring up 养一个小孩 I bring my son up with all the love I possibly can.

come out 呈现给公众;产生结果 He never cooks, but now he is baking a cake. I don't know how it will come out.

find out 发现,获知新的事实 She spent hours in front of the computer trying to find out her brother's password.

give up 停止,放弃希望不再尝试 College is difficult, but you can't give up!

go on 继续,不停 The class was over, but the teacher kept going on and on about the life of the germs.

look up 寻找信息,(从书本等书面资料里)查询  Students have to look up new words in the dictionary.

take back 收回说过的话 We told her she was awful, but we regretted. So, we took it back.


bulk up 增加体重 Some athletes use steroids to bulk up.

call off 取消 The match had to be called off due to the rain.

come in 到达(一个位置) The Australian rider came in 2nd in the grand prix.

fall off 从某物上摔下来 When skaters fall off, it must hurt!

play off 进行决胜局比赛 When Cuba and Brazil play off, the volleyball court is full of excitement.

warm up 在运动开始前做热身活动 Players have to warm up before every game.

work out 锻炼身体 Working out is really good for your health.

cheer on 给予支持和鼓励 The fans were cheering on the basketball players.

keep up 陪伴;保持同一节奏 I have trouble keeping up with aerobics classes.

knock out 击倒,致使对方昏迷 Mike Tyson knocked out many of his opponents.

take on 与……竞争,对抗……  Real Madrid will take on River Plate and crush them.


bail out 帮助某人解决经济困难 My friend did not have money for the rent, so, I bailed him out.

cough up 不情愿地给钱 Cough up for a better wedding present!

dip into 花费某人部分的积蓄 When the dad was fired, they had to dip into the kids funds.

get by 勉强维持生计 With our wages, we can get by, but we don’ have luxuries.

pay back 还钱 The author paid back the loan for his book.

put aside 为了某一目的存钱 For college, I have to put a fortune aside.

splash out 大肆挥霍 Trust fund kids like Paris Hilton love splashing out.

tide over 帮助某人度过经济难关 His aunt was kind to tide him over while he was Unemployed.



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